New Leaked Gameplay Of God Of War

The upcoming PS4 exclusive, God of War has seen major changes in comparison to its PS3 predecessors. Since his debut on the PlayStation 2, Kratos has been rage personified, a brute who killed anyone and anything. God of War fans who are looking forward to the new game's release will most likely be pleased with what they find in this fifteen minute preview.

With just over a month until God of War is released, Sony Santa Monica invited us to play the game for the very first time, and let me get right to the point: Fans of the franchise will love the more measured, thoughtful approach. Are you waiting for the new God of War of PS4?

He's an active part of the proceedings, with an entire controller button dedicated to having him fire his bow at whatever enemy the camera is pointing at. Atreus exists in the world right alongside Kratos — at one or two points, I had to protect him from an attacking draugr with a well-thrown axe — and players will be able to upgrade his abilities as well to make him a more potent force in combat.

Moving from Greek to Norse mythology, God of War makes superb use of the source material, bringing in some wonderful characters and creatures that are as entertaining as they are beautiful to look at. God of War has never been about building relationships, so it will be interesting to see how Kratos and Atreus bond, and whether Kratos gives Atreus the approval he's so desperately seeking.

God of War III is a single player action game, exclusive to the PlayStation 3, and the final installment of the God of War trilogy. Even if you're a longtime fan of the series, much has changed with Kratos' move from ancient Greece to Scandinavia; playing this game isn't like slipping into a familiar, well-worn pair of jeans.

This footage starts with Kratos and his son, Atreus, climbing a narrow cave with scripted jump scares popping out of the walls. This is the most extensive look yet at the gameplay for the newest entry in Sony's war long-running series, and it's way different than what we've become used to in past entries.

The last time we got a good look at the latest God of War game was E3 2017, when Sony showed off this look at gameplay The company also recently released this concept art for the game, which shows off the war-torn, desolate world that you'll be exploring in-game, as well as Kratos looking distinctly Scandinavian.

Peep the video below for important insights about the setting of this new God of War , how Kratos has changed, changes to combat and mechanics, and other additions. Some fans derided the new gameplay for being too slow when compared to the faster-paced combat of the previous games and for being reminiscent of The Last of Us while other fans welcomed the new direction the series seemed to be taking.

With an over the shoulder free camera that brings the player closer to the action than ever before, fights in God of War mirror the pantheon of Norse creatures Kratos will face: grand, gritty, and grueling. Tl;dr: Ditch Kratos and make God of War a franchise with diverse characters and stories across a wide range of mythologies.

An incredible return for Kratos in a modern take on the God of War series. Instead, the franchise looks to be taking an interesting turn toward telling a deeper, more personal story. The series is made by Sony, or more specifically its Santa Monica studio. Kratos' son, Atreus, will rain arrows on enemies while in combat, but you can also command him using Square to attack certain enemies.

I want to take a character that everyone thinks that they know and show that there's actually hidden depth and dimension.” Hence the quasi-reboot for the story, which is self-contained from the previous games. Past videos briefly skimmed over foes that will be prowling and waiting for Kratos and son Atreus, but we get a better look at what is to come in a new gameplay video.

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